Our Suppliers

A beautiful bloom starts with good genetics.

A family business that operates much like Colonial. They are unique amongst breeders because they also finish product for the wholesale market so they truly have a vested interest in the quality of genetics being chosen.

Leader in geranium breeding, and continues to be the cornerstone of our zonal geraniums, ivy geranium and New Guinea impatiens programs.

A German breeder well respected in the European market, they have re-establish themselves in the North American market by offering new and improved genetics throughout the years.

A familiar name throughout our portfolio over the years with such items as torenia, bidens, and double impatiens. Danziger continually brings out new genetics every season that are guaranteed to perform with high quality.

Suntory gave us our start many years ago in the calibrachoa, petunia and verbena market and we are very confident in the strength of their genetics.

Sakata is well known throughout the industry with their breeding breakthrough introductions of the SunPatiens impatiens and SuperCal petunias.

With 170 years in the seed industry, Benary is one of the leading breeding companies for seed raised bedding ornamentals in the world.

Beekenkamp is the market leader in Elatior and Solenia type begonias, they also produce the beautiful boliviensis “Beauvillia” and “Encanto” series of begonia that we offer.