Colonial Loyalty Program

A Lesson in Economics 101

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Spend More, Save More

Price tiering is taken into consideration for your cumulative cutting order(s), not each individual order.

Save on Freight

Freight costs are reduced when box count increases.


One stop shopping saves a lot of personal time. Keeping track of multiple sources with multiple ship dates can be easily avoided when you narrow down your vendors.

Price Tier Schedule

We have been adding product lines to our offering in an effort to give our customers a one-stop shopping venue for all their vegetative annual needs. No product makes the list unless we have finished the product off ourselves first. Our collection should cover most of your vegetative annual requirements. So the questions remains:

Why not buy from one source and save yourself some money and time by doing so?

1st Tier

Level 1
  • 100 to 5,000 cuttings
  • No saving, base price per cutting

2nd Tier

Level 2
  • 5,000 to 25,000 cuttings
  • Average savings of $0.03 per cutting

4th Tier

Level 4
  • 50,000 plus cuttings
  • Average savings of $0.09 per cutting